Cleansing and confession | The Lord Jesus as advocate for Christians | Watchman Nee

All the unconfessed sins and all the sins that have not passed through the blood of the Lord Jesus leave their uncleanness on the person. This uncleanness will cause one to lose his share in the coming kingdom. Conversely, those who have been cleansed by the water for impurity will be clean in the kingdom. Let me tell you one thing: No sin that has been repented of, that has been confessed and put under the blood of the Lord Jesus, and that has had the ashes applied to it, can ever raise its head at the judgment seat. The water for impurity is able to remove uncleanness because of the power of the blood in it. It is the power of redemption in this water that enables it to remove the uncleanness. Every sin that does not have the effectiveness of the Lord’s redemption applied to it will leave uncleanness on the person until the “seventh day.” Hence, do not let your sins remain on you. You must remove the uncleanness with the ashes of the Lord Jesus. I thank the Lord that the Son of God does not have to die for me anymore. By His ashes I am clean. But it is foolish as well as dangerous to allow any uncleanness to remain.

00:00:00 One cleansing by the blood
00:11:41 Receiving the continual cleansing after we have believed
00:18:35 The Lord Jesus as advocate for Christians
00:21:45 Walking in the light as He is in the light
00:28:19 Forgiveness through confession
00:32:37 Confession
00:35:50 The Old Testament type of the red heifer

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