Two kinds of cleansing | Bathing and foot-washing | Deal with the believers' sins | Watchman Nee

We have to consider two kinds of cleansing. One is foot-washing. The other is bathing. There are two sides to the Lord’s work — the slaughtering and the burning; and when we apply the effects of this work to us, there are also two sides — the foot-washing and the bathing. He cleansed us with His own blood. This work of redemption was accomplished once for all. When we believe in and receive Him, we are washed in the pool of His blood and are fully cleansed. Thank the Lord that we have all taken the bath. All our sins have been washed away by the Lord Jesus. But now that we have believed in the Lord and have been washed, while we are on our journey in the wilderness, we cannot avoid coming in contact with the world. We cannot avoid picking up impurities. In our journeying in the wilderness, spontaneously we come into contact with the world, and spontaneously the dust of the earth defiles our feet.

00:00:00 The ashes of the red heifer in the Old Testament
00:02:06 Foot-washing in the New Testament
00:06:58 Bathing and foot-washing

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