Are you able to enter into God's kingdom? | Make the calling and selection firm | Watchman Nee

Many who do not understand God’s word and God’s work think that they are guaranteed an entrance into the kingdom of the heavens. They think that when the Lord Jesus comes to rule, there will merely be a distinction between higher and lower positions in the kingdom; no one will lose the kingdom of the heavens altogether. However, in the kingdom of the heavens, there is not only a distinction between higher and lower positions, but also the distinction between being allowed to enter and being kept out. The Bible shows us that there is a clear distinction between ten cities and five cities, between a large crown and a small one, and between a greater glory and a lesser one. As one star differs from another star, so also are the positions in the kingdom different. Not only is there the difference of lower and higher positions in the kingdom; there is also the distinction of being able or not able to get in.

00:00:00 Doing the will of the Father
00:13:11 Buffeting the body to please the Lord
00:21:30 Building with gold, silver, and precious stones
00:24:17 Holding fast the boast of hope
00:25:45 Being the more diligent to make the calling and selection firm
00:29:58 Entering the kingdom to share in Christ’s glory

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