God’s love, grace, and mercy | Salvation is of Jehovah | Gospel of God | Watchman Nee

Man’s sin shows us man’s need. God’s love shows us God’s provision. If there is only the need without the provision, nothing can be done. But if there is the provision without the need, the provision will be wasted. Salvation is accomplished and the gospel is preached due to the two greatest facts in the universe. The first is that man has sinned and the second is that God loves man. These are two immutable facts. They are two facts that the Bible emphasizes. If you drop either of these two ends, salvation will be lost. You do not need to drop both ends. As long as one end is gone, there will be no possibility for salvation to be accomplished. God has love and man has sin. Because of these two facts, there is salvation and there is the gospel.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:47 God’s love
00:03:28 God is love
00:09:10 God so loved the world
00:13:16 God’s expression of love
00:16:57 God’s grace
00:21:55 God’s mercy

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