God's salvation is for everyone through faith | Gospel of God | Watchman Nee

According to the Bible there is only one condition for salvation — faith. Together the words faith and believe occur in the Bible over five hundred times. Among these many verses, over a hundred verses tell us that salvation is by believing, that justification is by believing, and that we receive life by believing. In over thirty places we are told that through faith we receive this or that from God. These places show us that man is favored by God through faith and nothing else.

00:00:00 God’s salvation being for everyone through faith
00:12:25 Believing in the Lord’s death and resurrection
00:25:05 Receiving the Lord’s work through faith in God’s Word
00:31:35 The Holy Spirit communicating God’s work to us
00:36:07 The function of faith — substantiation
00:41:53 Receiving by believing that we have received

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