How God deals with the believers' sins | God's discipline and reward | Watchman Nee

We should not make the mistake of thinking that because we are eternally saved, we can live loosely on this earth. No one can refute the fact that once a person is saved, he is eternally saved. This is a fact. If a Christian unbridles his lusts, commits sins, falls into defilements, and does not have God’s holiness, God will extend His hand and will discipline such a one through his environment, his family, his personal health, and his future plans. He may encounter difficulties in his family. He may experience much illness and misfortune in his environment. The purpose of God in allowing these things to fall upon him is not a matter of punishing him; they are not there to give him a hard time, but to make him partake of God’s holiness and to become worthy of the grace of His calling. This is the proper understanding of salvation.

00:00:00 The motive and goal of discipline
00:13:24 Reward and gift
00:27:34 The reward being the kingdom of the heavens
00:38:23 Judgment at the judgment seat of Christ

This audio content is from the series of ‘The Gospel of God’, originally preached by Watchman Nee

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