Is Repentance The condition for Salvation? | Gospel of God | Watchman Nee

Repentance is often considered by man as a very important condition. Man thinks that if he does not repent, he will not be saved. Those who are acquainted with the Bible dare not say that repentance is the only condition for salvation, but they would say that a man is saved by faith with repentance, or through repenting and believing. I admit that the subject of repentance is not easy to understand in the New Testament. But if one would consider the Word of God itself, he would understand the real meaning of repentance and would find out quickly if repentance is a condition for salvation.

00:00:00 The three books on salvation in the Bible not listing repentance as the condition for salvation
00:03:19 Man emphasizing repentance through a mind filled with the law and works
00:07:06 Repentance in man’s mind different from repentance in the Bible
00:19:36 Repentance being necessary in receiving God’s salvation
00:23:22 The place of repentance being in faith and salvation
00:29:00 The true meaning of repentance
00:46:04 Repentance being given by God

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