Is there possibility of a Christian being lost again?

The Bible shows us that the duration of God’s salvation is eternal; it is not temporal. In other words, God’s salvation is given to man eternally, rather than temporarily. Once a Christian is saved, there is no possibility for him to perish. I am not saying that there is no chastisement for a Christian once he is saved. Neither am I saying that there will not be judgment and loss of reward if a Christian is not faithful in the Lord’s work after his salvation. A Christian can be disciplined in this age, and also be punished in the millennium. I am not saying that a sinner will be disciplined. I am saying that a believer whose work is not approved by the Lord will lose his reward at the time of the judgment seat of Christ. If a believer has sins that have not been repented of in this age, he will receive definite punishment in the coming kingdom. All of these are truths in the Bible.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:35 God’s grace and love
00:14:11 God saving us with a plan
00:28:29 Regeneration and eternal life
00:37:40 We being the members of Christ
00:44:42 We being the spiritual house God is building
00:47:30 Having the Holy Spirit as the seal and the pledge

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