Once We Are Saved, We Are Eternally Saved? | The Gospel of God | Watchman Nee

Before God, we need not move, and we need not keep the law. We do not have to do anything. We should just allow God to work on us and to give us grace. Once we have works, we are fallen from grace. Hence, to say that one has fallen from grace does not refer to the question of salvation and perdition. To be fallen from grace is a question of whether or not we enjoy Christ’s benefits for us. To be fallen from grace is a matter of whether or not one allows the work of Christ to operate in him. We thank the Lord that salvation means to be continually under God’s mercy and to be continually under His grace.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:27 The knowledge of eternal salvation not leading one to sin at will
00:08:15 Opposing eternal salvation due to ignorance of it
00:17:45 Three things to understand in God’s Word
00:25:49 The argument based on Ezekiel 18
00:30:38 The argument based on Matthew 24
00:36:25 The argument based on Galatians 5

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