Serve by The Spirit of God | The Cross and The Deeper Work of the Holy Spirit | Watchman Nee

“And those who are in the flesh cannot please God” (Rom. 8:8). This is the final resolution. No matter how good man’s conduct may be, if it originates from the self, it can never please God. God can only be pleased by His Son. Aside from Him and His work, neither man nor man’s work can please God. What is done by his own flesh may seem to be good. However, because it is done by his own strength and originates from his self, God is not pleased. Man can think up many ways to do good deeds, to improve, and to advance, but since these actions originate from the flesh, God is not pleased. This not only applies to the unregenerated man, but also to the regenerated believer. If he has accomplished something on his own, no matter how good and how effective the work is, God can never be pleased. What is God’s pleasure or displeasure is not a matter of good or evil but a matter of the source. The conduct may be quite good, but where does it come from?

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