The Relationship between Faith and Work in James 2 | Justification | Watchman Nee

God’s Word is very clear concerning the condition for salvation. God shows us that salvation is by faith and not by works. We have read enough Scriptures and seen enough clear reasons why our works cannot come into consideration. Because we believe in God’s work through His Son, there must not be works of our own. Yet some who do not understand the words of the Bible have come to me, asking, “Is it not true that the book of James tells us clearly that a man is not justified by faith, but by works? Is it possible that James and Paul contradict each other? And is it possible that man is justified by both faith and works?” These ones think that James and Paul do not agree with each other. They think that the books of Romans, Galatians, and James also do not agree with each other. I have to use Paul’s expression: “Absolutely not!” Let us come to the book of James and see what James himself had to say.

When we read the book of James, we must take care of one thing. We can only read what is said; we cannot add into it our own thoughts. What counts is what James said. What one adds on top of that does not count. Do not read your own thoughts into the book of James. You must see what James said and not what he did not say.

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:36 The subject of James being mercy — justification being incidental
00:08:23 Faith without works being of no profit
00:12:20 Faith without works being dead
00:17:48 Showing faith by works
00:26:52 The example of Abraham’s justification
00:41:21 The example of Rahab’s justification

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