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Since we are of the flesh, the Lord Jesus cannot dwell in us. We are like the world under judgment at the time of Noah. After the water subsided, Noah released a dove from the ark (Gen. 8:8-9). But the dove found no place of rest; it could not abide anywhere. In the same way, we are full of sin. The Lord Jesus can find no place to abide in us. That being the case, God gave to us the Holy Spirit. The Lord accomplished everything objectively. Now the Holy Spirit gave us a new spirit subjectively, so that the Son of God can abide in our spirit. The Holy Spirit came first to prepare a dwelling for the Lord Jesus. Then the Lord came to live in us.

On the one hand, the Holy Spirit gave us a new life within. On the other hand, day by day He conveys God’s truth and purpose into us. This is why the Lord says that when the Spirit of reality comes, He will guide us into all reality (John 16:13). Furthermore, there is another item of the work of the Holy Spirit, which is to communicate to us the gifts, such as prophecy, tongues, healings, miracles, revelations, words of wisdom and words of knowledge, faith, and all kinds of other gifts.

00:00:00 The work of the Holy Spirit — enlightening and fellowship
00:01:43 The work of the Holy Spirit — enlightening to seek out sinners
00:10:34 God pouring out the Holy Spirit upon man for His salvation
00:13:23 Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved
00:19:24 The work of the Holy Spirit — fellowship
00:25:11 The Holy Spirit and the Word of God
00:30:07 The Holy Spirit conveying the Lord’s work and the Lord Himself to us
00:34:29 The Holy Spirit preserving the eternal freshness of the Lord’s work

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