God Causes Us to Triumph through Christ Jesus

The race is not for the quickest, or the strongest, but for the most resilient.

I am not saying this is going to be a cinch. In fact, it will take everything that you got. If the heart were visible, we would see many bumps and bruises to be sure. We’ve got to be brave, for this life is surely not a “cakewalk.”

But with the Savior of the world at the forefront of the battle, we honestly can’t lose. I know what you are thinking now, “You seriously don’t know what I’m going through.”

I am familiar with a kind of darkness that has no morning light reprieve.

I know hurt so deep that you feel like your heart is being ripped apart.

Whatever the pain you are experiencing, rest in the knowledge He will provide for you. Not only will you survive this challenge, He will cause you to thrive through it all!

And the best part is, what formally had your knees quaking and your hands shaking will no longer be staggering for you. You’re a seasoned soul now and you are coming out of this on top!

Give all praise and honor to the King of Glory Who causes us to triumph through Christ Jesus!

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